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Discreet, portable, and wall-mountable, the W60 DECTbase fits seamlessly into any office while the W56H handset is small enough to be carried around in the pocket of a user as they walk freely around their workspace. With additional features from the W52 including a longer range, quicker charging, and transfer abilities, you can be as efficient as a desk phone, yet fully mobile. Supplied with a W60 Base station and charger.

• Call hold/transfer

• 3-way conference

• Switching between calls/Call waiting

• Mute/Silence/DND

• Up to 8 simultaneous calls/handsets

• Indoor Range: 20m~50m (The ideal distance is 50m)

• Outdoor Range: 300m

• Quick charging: 10-min charge time for 2-hour talk time

• Charger included.


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