Dedicated Support

It’s easy to request new installations, make changes and report and line faults, but if you ever require assistance with your order or fault, our UK based service teams can support you every step of the way. 

From order processing to billing, we take away the hassle of dealing directly with BT Openreach, providing simple and transparent pricing, reports, and fraud detection and alerting services, all with your service satisfaction in mind.

Fraud Detection Service

Fraudulent and unauthorised usage of telephony services continues to pose challenges to UK business, whether the service being used is traditional fixed line telephony or IP voice products.

The Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) estimates £953 million is lost to telecoms fraud in the UK per year. Using automated systems, we download regular reports from our providers 24/7 365 days a year and use this information to trigger call patterns alerts. Our system allows thresholds to be defined against each CLI and also uses Blacklists and Hot Destination lists to trigger alerts to our Fraud Management Team and our customers at no extra cost. 

Call Packages

  • Calls only service – most businesses still rely on traditional telephone calls and with our call packages, this can be applied to any BT maintained line
  • Complete control – fully managed calls
  • Low cost, low risk – we have chosen a tier 1 carrier with a high-performance network. Plus with our buying power, we negotiate great rates with no upfront costs so you can focus on your business needs
  • Added features – on request, you can easily add and remove services, upscaling as your business grows 

competitive Packages

While the lure of significant call savings is compelling, you really need to think about your business’s long-term goals before making any switch. Your calls & lines provider needs to be in tune with these longer-term objectives, rather than just promising immediate savings. They should be able to give you a solution that works for you today – and tomorrow. 

When it comes to Business Calls & Lines

With constant offers of cheap business calls, it’s a tempting proposition to switch to a more cost-effective calls & lines deal. But while there’s undoubted potential to save money, any decision to change must be carefully considered first. You should get short-term gains and access to services that can be leveraged to secure future proof solutions for your business going forward.

Key Benefits

Enjoy up to 40% savings on your calls
• Slash 20% off typical line rental
• No hassle switch – just 15 working days to change the provider.
• Keep same lines and phone numbers
• No PBX reprogramming required or any special dialing codes
• 24/7/365 support and service agreements with a range of
fault fix timescales.


1. Resilient technology – including alternative routing, diverse
routing, Direct Dialling In (DDI) dual parenting, Site Assurance
and Out of Area Working.
2. Competitive rates – per second billing
3. Online portal for easy access to call data
4. Provider switching is regulated by Ofcom, and as a contractual
transaction, there is no downtime or degradation of service


We have Saved Our Clients Over 50% In Less Than a Year