We have Saved Our Clients Over 50% In Less Than a Year!

In today’s world the only constant is change and most organisations are having to
deal with this business reality. It could be in the shape of rapid expansion, budgetary
pressures, a need to enhance IT efficiency, or a commitment to better business
continuity, amongst others.

The inevitable result is a greater focus on IT infrastructure and its ability to respond to these changes. Some organisations may be having
to cope with the demands of regularly adding new sites to a corporate WAN; others are opting to concentrate on core competencies by
leveraging feature-rich, enterprise-class Cloud services for their IT needs. Certainly the majority can now see the advantages of a converged
network, a single circuit able to carry all data, voice and application traffic, with the ability to scale up to accommodate future demands..


• Reduce the management burden of on-premise networks
• Increase ROI by aligning network performance to
business need
• Enhance your own service through optimum
network connectivity
• Create a more agile and responsive environment
• Gain sharper insight into network usage for
future planning
• Utilise dedicated monitoring options to boost
network performance


1. Service – an SLA-driven fully managed service
2. Flexible contracts – choice of rental terms (one, three or
five years)
3. Range of bandwidth – from 2 to 1000Mbit/s
4. Synchronous – matched upload and download speeds
5. Carrier independence – securing greater resilience
6. Network services options – eg. Internet, VPN, VoIP and
data backup, all over converged single circuit
7. Statistics – reporting tools deliver clear picture of usage
8. QoS – full Quality of Service support when part of a xxxx
secure WAN solution


Annual Savings


Return Users


Sales Increase


Traffic Boost


While the lure of significant call savings is compelling, you really need to think about your business’s long-term goals before making any switch. Your calls & lines provider needs to be in tune with these longer-term objectives, rather than just promising immediate savings. They should be able to give you a solution that works for you today – and tomorrow. You should get short-term gains and access to services that can be leveraged to secure future proof solutions for your business going forward.

With constant offers of cheap business calls, it’s a tempting proposition to switch to a more cost-effective calls & lines deal. But while there’s undoubted potential to save money, any decision to change must be carefully considered first.