IoT Solutions Empowers Over 500,000 Users

IoT Solutions Empowers Over 500,000 Users


We Build the IoT Solutions For Your Business


With no physical SIM to swap in and out, eSIM equipped vehicles can move freely between countries, owners, and mobile based services with ease.


It’s a struggle for smart meter providers to visit sites when equipping their energy and water saving solutions with connectivity. Manufacturers can install eSIMs from the get-go so that devices can be connected remotely. Not to mention, they’re very rugged when embedded right; no SIM slot means no chance for the eSIM to be damaged while deployed.



When it comes to the supply chain, visibility is king. Because eSIMs are soldered directly onto devices, they can’t be removed or tampered with—and with OTA provisioning and low power requirements, assets can safely move globally with complete visibility for long periods of time.

Our IoT ecosystem

Our IoT ecosystem

Throughout  our IOT ecosystems of connectivity, devices, and analytics, we;ve help  over 500 businesses optimise their profits, and deliver solutions quicker than our competitors .


SIM slots take up a hefty chunk of space, and SIMs don’t like to bend. eSIMs give manufacturers flexibility to design smaller, unconventional products like mHealth wearables and smart watches. They also use less power than regular SIMs; a precious resource for small wearables.

Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

Connect your business from day one and dodge the long wait for Ethernet with Instanet. Or keep your customers connected through outages with our resilient On-demand Backup.


On wide open spaces like farms, devices can be miles apart. Having power-efficient eSIMs in your agtech means less time spent travelling the fields to replace batteries, and no need to swap out SIMs if you’re switching operators. Nor will you need to worry about SIM tampering and connectivity theft.

One SIM, boundless connectivity

We’ll help you pinpoint whether your project needs NB-IoT or LTE technology; then we’ll get you connected and keep you connected, wherever you are in the world.

Instanet Solutions

Get Everything You Need With Just One Partner

                                   Dedicated Account Manager

  • We will assign an account manager (desk-based or field) who will be your first point of call into OnDemand Corporate Solutions.
  • We can also provide a service manager (for additional cost) who will give regular performance reviews of your Cloud-ready Private Network.

Lead Times

  • Joining 4ward Communications can be done in a few weeks (as quickly as 3-4 weeks) due to our nimble onboarding process. This is dependent on the service chosen and the overall requirements.
  • *Customers can expect to be connected 11 days faster than other providers when choosing our Direct Internet Access (Ethernet) product.
  • Enhanced delivery includes a Project Manager who will oversee the end to end process at an additional cost.

What You Get


Full Bespoke Solutions

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

Multi Network SIM

Robust Documentation

Call Recording

"Bring your Communications into the 21st Century Voice is no longer the only way—or even the preferred way— to stay in touch with customers and colleagues. Instead, chat/Instant Messaging (IM), often begins an interaction that may escalate into an audio, video, or content sharing session. The reality is your employees and customers expect more - they want a seamless and intuitive communications experience that fits into how they work instead of changing the way they work—helping them stay in touch on their device of choice as they move throughout their day..

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“I got my site up and running in less than a day!”

“I Tripled the size of my productivity!”

“This is my one-stop-shop for BUSINESS SOLUTION”

Choose A Plan That Works For You

  • Instanet™ – flexible automatically optimised any number of any sized data tiers
  • MultiNetwork SIMs – fully 4G on all networks and unsteered (VF-EE-3-O2)
  • Instanet when combined with our own APN and 4G-LTE multinetwork SIM is an ADSL killer, because download AND upload speed completely trounces the wet-string performance of ADSL

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